Saturday, January 9, 2016

Good Morning...Mumbai!!

"To all our international guests, welcome to India..and to fellow Indians, welcome home"...with cheerful claps after a long yet safe journey this just instantly lifts the moods of everyone. Smart marketing move Jet Airways ;) tugs on the heartstrings everytime. 

I don't know why hearing this never gets old but eyes get misty and heart is brimming with happiness every time we land. Every indian in the cabin has similar thoughts of joy, relief, nostalgia and excitement of coming HOME (seeing family, friends, favourite spots; thinking of all those planned activities, shopping vagera vagera...)

At 600m above ground it was already 25C! When we landed it was 27! Yay...summer ;) Jet lag will slowly commence but in the meantime I'm already enjoying small pleasures....sitting on the window sill sipping hot filter coffee, eating hot south indian breakfast, catching up with all cousins and families as we all slowly regroup from all corners of the globe. "Cool" fresh Jan air makes this the best time to visit the city.

Notes for new visitors to the city: the most convenient way to reach your hotel/home in the wee hours of the morning  (or any time really) is by taking the pre-paid taxis. There's no haggling or bargaining needed with the driver. And trust your drivers driving skills, meandering through street traffic is their domain hands down :)

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