Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hallo from Heathrow!

It's been ~12 yrs since I last passed through Heathrow and the airport just seems to grow larger. No more terminal C but now it's Terminal seems like an endless pada yatra (walking pilgrimage) to transfer between terminals. Even with brisk walking and a shuttle ride it seemed to take forever!!

No more 8 hr layovers either. Just a quick 3 hr stop...but that can always be dicey since you might unknowingly join the wrong line for customs (to exit the airport rather than transfer!) - sleep deprivation doesn't justify not reading signs :/

But a brisk walk was certainly welcome after the first flight. The airlines as usual messed up our meal request (I mean why is this still common in 2016??). Air Canada and code sharing airlines need to communicate better!

Food Options: While walking towards our gate I came across two cafes that have good veggie options... Pret A Manger (my absolute favorite!) and Costa.

Gosh everything looks so regal while in England! Makes me want to plan a European trip sometime...visit family, friends and new sites. Until then I'll wave out to all of my European friends while taxiing out of here 👋.

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