Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Why follow yet another travel blog??

Well, there's no real reason to follow this blog, really ;). But for me it's been a long time goal to capture my thoughts, combining my love for maps, GIS, travel and putting it in one spot to reflect and recollect on. The travel bug bit me young thanks to my mom's love for exploring/meticulous documenting, and my dad's readiness to be official driver - no matter what the distance or destination!

If you swing by my house, you'll find boxes after boxes of travel brochures, info pamphlets, books etc. of places I have visited. In an effort to spring clean through those boxes and only keep the truly favourite ones, I figured a blog would be a great paperless option to visualize all that info!

Furthermore, as a lacto-vegetarian I'm always eager to explore the vegan/veggie scene in any place I visit. Thanks to various apps like "Happy Cow", Foursquare etc...the search is becoming easier. Yet many spots are missed in those apps. So while I document travel spots, I'll also make small efforts to include the food scene.

So if you're visiting any place I might have and are interested in knowing what's there to see - keep checking in!

Safe travels!


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